About the Artist

What is it that people want to know? While I pondered this I was faced with a dilemma. What do I say, how do I portray myself. Should I present facts about who I am and where I came from linearly laid out so those fact driven individuals can say “Oh yes, I know this guy.”
Is this a resume to determine if I have any worth what so ever? I can assure you that I am a serious artist. I have taken countless art classes in painting, sculpture, design and life drawing. I received a Masters of Art in Illustration from Syracuse University. I have shown my work at several juried shows in Binghamton, Denver and Washington D.C. Before my Masters, I received a Bachelors in Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and worked as an architect for ten years before I turned my attention to art.
Perhaps I should be more personal and tell about how as a child I would draw cartoons and caricatures. I was enraptured by the grotesques of Bosch and Goya and delighted by the whimsy of Rackham, Beardsley and Escher. I was captivated by the craftsmanship of Durer, Rubens and Dali. For those who want a little eccentricity or border line insanity they can rest assured that I have some compulsive behaviors, I am robustly insecure, possess dramatic mood swings and there is a constant ringing in my ears. Unfortunately, not loud enough to react like Van Gogh.
All the above is true. Beyond that the main reason I do this is that I love to draw and create. I reside in that place of ideas and visions that come from some part of the brain or the heart. I listen equally to the voices of angels and demons. These forces are so insistent that I have to put it down on paper, it is who I am, and my work is my biography.